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The Definition of Success

The Definition of success The idea of success is very profound and intensified, and it has to reflect responsibility. We consider a human successful when one has reached a certain level of a balanced life striving to become a magnificent human being, combined with a certain level of knowledge about oneself and the world. Live […]

A Call for Transformation

https://www.nyse.com/index. A CALL FOR TRANSFORMATION Ride the megatrends of disruption. Scan your company’s economic-profit performance, and uncover whether you beat the market or not. Then drill into the timeless strategic discussion of why you make money. Hannah and John still in the meeting room. “Hannah, please tell me more about GE. How brutal was the […]

What? Our CEO Fired?

WHAT, OUR CEO FIRED? Everyone was bewildered. It came as a big surprise. The chairman has just introduced the name of the new CEO over the intranet. It came a week after the announcement of the most profitable year in a decade.    Yes, a flash photo of reality in numerous high-profile companies. Do you […]


BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO TAKE THE INITIATIVE You are born to create your life and strive further. Expand your action space as much as you can, fulfilling the hottest ambitions of your teams. Success always calls for greater generosity. Most people lost in the shadow of their identity, treat success and progress as an occasion for greater […]


BECOME A GAME CHANGER What practice qualifies you to become a part of the elite leader’s universe? The will to lead, opens a door slightly, so you can get a glimpse, hear the wage sound of buzzing ideas, smell the coffee, and feel the heat. It is not as difficult as you think – but qualify!  […]

Elitarian leaders in a competitive situation

THE PRACTICE OF AN ELITARIAN LEADER Elitarian leaders in a competitive situation. My insight tells me, that being an elitarian leader in a competitive situation, you have to train intensively to improve your competencies and capabilities. Capable means that you have a high energy level are mentally balanced and an excellent communicator, which is needed […]

I double apologize. This is my first Podcast, and it is written and spoken in a very local European dialect called Danish.

Min første Podcast Niels Vium inviterede mig med i sin podcast, hvor vi fik snakket om Next Generation Leadership, fordelene ved at have et koncept samt hvordan man skal træne det at lede sig selv. Lyt her: http://viuminspires.dk/mindcast-058-m-siegfried-andersen-fa-et-koncept-og-laer-lede-dig-selv/ En stor og dybtfølt tak til Niels Vium – www.viuminspires.dk. Følg ham han er intelligent. Beviset kendes […]

Would you like to become one of them?

BECOME LIKE ONE OF THEM? Wise leaders who respond to success with tenacity, prudence, modesty, and kindness, are harder to find than those who challenge adversity with courage. Leaders wait for no one to take action, they do not allow good ideas to gather dust in the inbox, and they have no office hours. When […]

Energizing is the most intriguing option to lead a team

  LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION Energizing is the most intriguing option to lead a team Our experiences harvested over the past decade points at the need for an intensified team leadership training program designed around the new frontier of leading individuals, teams and companies. The exciting thing is, to uncover the leadership attitudes and behaviors, which exactly […]

Philosophy of Leadership

In my experience Leaders who respond to success with tenacity, prudence, modesty, and kindness are harder to find than those who confront adversity with courage. Discourse in a broader map of the very nature of leaders, reveals that success tends to create pride and blindness in their hearts, while suffering teaches them to be patient […]