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Sign-Up. 2019

The Will to Lead. Dubai. January 27-31

The Will to Lead. Denmark, Copenhagen. March 18-22

Leadership Communication. Hong Kong. April 8-12

The Will to Lead. Hong Kong. September 9-13

Become a High-Potential-Leader

The Will to Lead

Becoming an excellent leader is the consequence of cultivating your mindset, high-quality awareness, extreme energy, polymath abilities, and absolute involvement in relationships achievements and life as a whole.

You will experience, how you get a stable work-life balance, and much more.

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Become a Team-Leader

Leadership Communication

The title Excellent Team Leader is the consequence of an all-inclusive team mindset, a team where everyone strives completely synchronized to accomplish a goal “higher than life”, with an unlimited amount of energy, with an outstanding ability to learn and improve through actions in unison  supporting each other to live a good life.

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Become a Business-Leader

Lead the Business

The consequence of how you are as a leader, will determine the outcome and the wellbeing for everyone everywhere.

The consequence of how excellent you lead the business will be revealed by the results the business create, and nothing else.

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Siegfried W. Andersen has a very profound insight into leadership, and how leading people will change over the next decades, lately when Artificial Intelligence becomes a reality for business.

Management is a concept for survival primarily to stabilize, simplify and synchronize a business model aiming at Cost-Leadership Strategy. Leadership is for beyond survival and is a concept for concentrating peoples awareness on innovation and opportunities aiming at Market-Leadership Strategy. Two very different concepts that you better don’t mix up.

The training focuses solely on the elite practice of leadership – Elitership. This concept attracts the attention of the next generation of “knowledgeable” employees working in a self-renewing-ecosystem. A network across the company – and outside, building top-notch professional relationships, with world-class capabilities and with mastery competences only. In short, elitership is a way of living a successful life in unison with people with the same masterminds.

Practicing elitership, essentially means that, the old hierarchy is gone, so is the authority by rank, job descriptions, performance appraisals, e.g., it is all replaced by humans who live an exuberant life to its full extent.

Existential  Relevant

The Wisdom of Leadership

The essential outcome of our programs is that we train existential relevant business behavior; train your free will to act and liberate you from any limitation, furthermore place yourself where your strengths can make a significant contribution to the company and life at large. Add to this an increased energy level, high-quality awareness, insight how you create outstanding results when cooperating in and with teams.

The learnings will have an impact on your life. It will transcend everything and guide you in whatever you do in life or strive to achieve. Furthermore, when you have completed what you wanted, you will know how to grow and strive further effortlessly. Practicing elite leadership beyond survival is essentially Wisdom of Leadership.

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Master of Business Leadership

For Businesses

THE ELITE PRACTICE OF LEADERSHIP SINCE 1986. Everlasting learning experiences. More than 20,000 delegates tell our story. Ask among your friends – some might have attended in the past.

ELITERSHIP. Boost the elite practice of leadership, pursuing high growth targets, and an intensified wellbeing for everyone.

IMPRESS. Strive to impress customers, inspire everyone else in the network, and become the leading factor in the industry.

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