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Your RESPONSIBILITY and RESPONSE ABILITY will decide your legacy.

Responsibility means BEING. Limitless responsibility is self-expanding and the highest level of BEING. How you respond, to people around you, to events and situations, reveals who you really ARE.

When you experience, that the boundaryless ability to respond is burden free, and is liberty in its absolute meaning, then you are on the right pathway towards the absolute highest quality level of practicing leadership – ELITERSHIP.

You do not need to be a perfect human being, to be a perfect leader.

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Siegfried W. Andersen
Founder of KFA

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Globally 16,232 leaders have attended our leadership training programs since – 1st April 1986. The A.P. Moller – Maersk Group alone sendt 4,000 in our hands. Latest; Danish Railroads, and The Bestseller Group, Denmark,  Algoma Central Corporation, Canada. Pacific Basin, and Anglo-Eastern, Hong Kong, Svitzer UK & Svitzer Australia, and OSM from the Philippines. Aditional several hundred small and medium sized companies – globally. 

When the CEO’s from; Roulunds Fabrikker, Dan Computer Management, Maersk Line, Maersk Supply, FL Smidth & Co, Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd., OSM, DSB, and even my dentist among others, called us for a meeting, three month after the training, and asked us: “How come, that we now have achieved costs savings, speed, cooperation and felxibility that we had never seen before.” We simply answerd “The combination of your people, and “The Siegfried Principle” of limitless responsibility, and bounderyless ability to respond.”

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