Enduring principles and powerful practices are combined in this unprecedented leadership-training program for you with a high-tech, scientific or high-potential background.


Make a hassle-free transition from being an individual contributor, into managing tasks and leading people.


  1. Create clarity around what the CEO wants you to know, and act accordingly.
  2. Cultivate strengths, grow individuals into giants, and innovate everything.
  3. Lead your team beyond good enough. Point the direction and show the way.
  4. Gain clarity, increase integrity, expand inclusiveness, keep a strong intactness.


This 12-day training program is delivered over 4 month. The program consists of moderate pre- and post training assignments before each of the five modules and a final assignment back at work.  And be prepared for a 358 degree survey, uncovering the efficacy of a your leadership style, evaluated by superiors, peers and employees.

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When you strive to succeed, you might think “What factors plays a role in my success as a team leader – my team members, my boos, HR, the company, luck, fate, God, or an MBA”? None of them or may be all of them! When you say fate, obviously it is something you cannot do anything about. When you say luck, again it is something you cannot do anything about. Your boss is as s-he is, so your team members, and HR. Yes you can talk to them, and ask them for a favor, but again they have their own business. The only thing that is in your hands is your efforts. Effort is your business. Put one hundred percent attention into your effort, and what you get, as an outcome, is what you get.

Not satisfied, try again. Do not leave proportions of your energy and your capability to all these things mentioned above – that is not your business. Your business is only effort, and the effort has to be incisive; it should be focused and calibrated. Hard work alone is not going to get you somewhere. The right kind of action, timing and place are all-important.


Leaders apparently come in different qualities. Some leaders even have a controversial character, other fails miserably, but as long as the attribute, of putting in the efforts to do what needs to be done, is there, everything is fine, because all of us need years of deliberate training and first hand experiences to become an outstanding leader.

I know, that leaders with the courage to do painful things probably will survive as leaders. I also know that this is not good enough for you. You strive and intensify your efforts, to earn the reputation of a great team leader, one who take action and get things done, with a smile, high integrity, a will of steel, and the attitude “We Shall Not Fail”.

A leader waits for no one, and you want to be a leader with an elite – mastery – standard when practicing team leadership. One of those who possess clarity and insight, takes timely action, innovate leadership and the team through bold challenges, one who is keeping his /her credibility intact, a human with an impeccable character, one who gives his /her team “a solid foundation and wings to fly high.”

The training is directed towards an innovative team leadership practice.  Our training posses an inspiration which reaches the hearts and minds of the best people, and it will be the mental glue which holds everyone and everything together across the organization, in spite of how big it is. This turns out to be an advantage when a company goes through obstacles, which inevitably occur as time passes by.

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Three coherent leadership-training programs

Thise leader with the most flexible behaviour shall control everyone else. Thus qualify you for an “Executive Master of Business Leadership Certificate” with a will of steel, persistently practicing: Self-Leadership, Team-Leadership, and Business-Leadership combined, followed by three years of accumulated increasing results.

“We Shall Not Fail”, is seemingly a purpose “larger than life”. To realize that purpose, you need to have a 100 % effective connection between your intellect and your behavior. The training is appealing, and will challenge your intelligence, intellect, courage and behavior.

The three coherent leadership blue prints will make you into a sought after business leader:

  1. The Will to Lead. MBL1. Five full days of training the practice of Self-Leadership. Expect a standard Pre- and Post training assignment.
  2. Leadership Communication. MBL2. Five full days of training the practice of Team-Leadership. Expect a moderate Pre- and Post training assignment.
  3. Lead the Business. MBL3. Five full days of training the practice of Business-Leadership. Expect a comprehensive Pre- and Post training assignment.

Watch out “Testimonial” and se what P.B. Subbiah express: “I knew instantly that this was a leadership program like no other”. He is right.

I know there is a large amount of managers, who deserve their MBA, but who by ignorance nicely skipped the first two leadership disciplines. Hence they are not able to turn, with 100 % efficacy – insight into foresight – initiatives into innovation – creativity into clarity – intensify their integrity.  These ignorant managers become discouraged, because they don’t understand why they don’t get promoted.  OK – now you know why.

Leaders build their identity based on consistent change consistently, gaining first hand experiences guiding and leading people from a higher perspective, of a wider map of human understanding. The latter is what we train.

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The price is including Workbook and Article book + refresments during the day.  The Practice of Leadership also includes full board for 12 days, incl. a room for 7 nights.

  • The Will to Lead: USD 5,500 + VAT
  • Leadership Communication: USD 6,500 + VAT
  • Lead The Business: USD 8,500 + VAT
  • The Practice of Leadership: EURO 7,200 + VAT
  • Virtuel Leadership Summit: USD 300 + VAT

Discount of 15% is possible to obtain with an “Early Bird Booking” by booking and payment 60 days prior to the first training day. You can also obtain a discount by sending more than 2 participants.

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