Please help me, take all the baloney out of any discussion about leadership at work and elsewhere.

Becoming a leader is very, very simple; you live your life fully and entirely, thrive with pleasantness within and outside yourself, and continues as long as you live.

People will follow you voluntarily for decades.

End of story.

Business Leadership, the same with a little add on, that is all.


When you enjoy, and take pride in what you do then, in principle, you never have to work a day in your life



You want clarity about the job and yourself. You will not fail. You will train whatever you find is difficult. You want to be successful. You will deliver what is expected. You don’t know which factors will play a role in your success as a team-leader, or as a project manager. We will make sure that you gain new insight to act on.


  1. You will place your focus at what your boss wants you to know, and act accordingly.
  2. You will cultivate your strengths, grow your teammates, and improve their performance level.
  3. You will train what you need, and gain respect from your team, colleagues and your boss.
  4. You will train and become a holistic leader of you team, being able to maintain any difficult aspect.

This 12-day training program will be delivered over 4 month. The program consists of moderate pre- and post training assignments before each of the five modules, and a final assignment back at work. When this assignment is successful accomplished, with the predicted benefit for your team and compay, then KF Andersen Leadership Academy issue a TEAM LEADER CERTIFICATE in cooporation with your company. 

You also have to prepare yourself for a 358 degree survey, uncovering the efficacy of a your personal leadership style, evaluated by your superiors, peers and employees, which you will develop towards the zenith of your potential, during the training. 

You do not need to be a perfect human being, to be a perfect leader.

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Respectfully Yours

Siegfried W Andersen

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