Your life will change!

Everybody wants to be a leader, taking charge of their own situation. What you can do must happen.

Be life-sensitive speak up and act!

The Will to Lead

An elitarian practice of self-leadership

Leaders who respond to success with prudence and modesty, tenacity, and kindness are hard to find.

Take the lead and be sensitive, speak up and act!

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Leadership Communication

An elitarian practice of team-leadership

Drain a team’s energy, and the team-spirit becomes chilly. Supply energy and the team-spirit becomes warmer. Energize with high-voltage leadership, and the team-spirit becomes ecstatic.

Be team-sensitive, speak up and act!

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Lead The Business

An elitarian practice of business-leadership

Few Top-Teams qualify for Corporate Outperformance. Those who do are heading for a monopoly.

Be business-sensitive speak up and act!

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Self-Leadership, Team-Leadership & Business Leadership

Be the creator of your life, your energy, your achievements, and your life-balance. Self-Leadership spans six personal qualities, which fit the mentality of the New Generation.

A Team-Leader is the creator of the team, the team results, the team spirit, and the team’s joyful emotions for what they achieve.

A Business-Leader is the creator of the future for everyone, the competitive intensiveness, the company culture, and the engagement of all stakeholders. Train to be a seeker. Get first-hand insight. Use your volition and liberty to contribute in all perpetuity.

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KFA Insight


SINCE 1986: KFA has introduced and trained; Self-efficacy, Integrity, Self-leadership, Inclusiveness, Team-Leadership, Intactness and Business Leadership.


Clients tell our story; Mr. Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, Mr. Frank Gad, Mr. Anders Holch Povlsen, Mr. Flemming R. Jacobs, Mr. Jesper Lok, Mr. Morten Mortensen, Mr. Haldor Topsoe, Mr. Erik Sprunk-Jansen, Mr. Ken Bloch Sorensen, Mr. Michael Hassing, among many others. Add to them 20,000 participants – globally.

MISSION. Turn everyday humans into remarkable great leaders.

VISION – Masters of Leadership.  Develop leaders, who are functioning beyond human’s usual limitations.

ENGAGEMENT INDEX: Measure the leadership capacity of an organization.

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