Create a Legacy

Made of responsibility and response ability

Top executives are responsible for deciding, today, what kind of leaders, who will lead their company, tomorrow, this + their response-ability designs their legacy.

New frontiers of leadership: Polymath-leadership and polymorph-leadership combined will triumph over old knowledge.

Customers decide our legacy.

The Will to Lead

The practice of polymath-leadership

A fantastic training program. Consistency always wins out. Pushing your edge is the dynamic we train, test, train, test, train test. Master The Six Dimension of polymath-leadership, and take them to the elite level. Challenge yourself each and every day. Always, always, always.

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Leadership Communication


Water present itself in three forms (poly+morph), solid, liquid, and steam. The form depends on the amount of energy bonded.

A team is likewise polymorph. Drain a team’s energy and the team-spirit freezes to ice. Leave a team alone, and the team-spirit becomes liquid, floating all over the place. Supply a team’s energy with high voltage leadership, and the team-spirit steams up limitless. Always, always, always.

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Lead The Business

Choose the steep path

Few top executives and fewer companies are true polymaths, leading the enterprise to prosperity over the long term. Those that do are both more stable, and more innovative getting ahead of competitions.

A polymorph executive team pushes the edge of a Marked Based Leadership practice, where expanding means to deliver limitlessly. Be the best always, always, always.

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Become a polymath-leader and a polymorph-team-leader?

A polymath-leader is an individual, whose expertise spans a significant number of different dimensions of intelligence, and apply it from a higher perspective of business on a wider map of human understanding.

Water present itself in three forms; solid, liquid, and steam. Water is said to be polymorph. The state of each form is an illustration of the amount of energy bounded in the molecule structure. The energy in steam is limitless.

Company-spirit and team-spirit are likewise poly morphed either frozen, fluent or ecstatic, depending on how high and who many people feel energized.

Our training contains three different but complementary disciplines of polymath-leadership: Self-Leadership, Team-Leadership, and Business-Leadership.

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Insight, merits, and promises

Since 1986 we have trained, particular personality strengths; The Six Dimensions of Intelligence, which can make you into a polymath-leader. The Blueprint 20.000 participants from different companies – globally.

You will gain new insight, experiences, knowledge, and a leadership practice with a lasting impact.

Polymath-Leadership and Polymorph-Team-Leadership combined is a very powerful path to go, and it can take an organization to conquer steep challenges.

KFA’s Engagement Index measures the energy level of individuals, teams, and organizations.

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