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Sign-Up. 2019

The Will to Lead. Dubai. January 27-31

The Will to Lead. Denmark, Copenhagen. March 18-22

Leadership Communication. Hong Kong. April 8-12

The Will to Lead. Hong Kong. September 9-13

The Will to Lead


This course creates Elite Leaders with a winning mindset, extraordinary ambitions, striving attitude, expanding behavior pushing everything, accomplishing results under high pressure.

Back Monday morning at work, as a High-Potential-Leader with a clear motive for action, executed at the right place at the right time every time!

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Leadership Communication


This course creates elite Team-Leaders fostering world-class teams with a powerful competitive mindset to win any game outperforming teams across the industry. The winner takes it all!

Back Monday morning at work, you turn the group of individuals into an “A-Team!” A convincing dynamic, cohesion and unison team, striving for the trophy of becoming no.1 delivering world-class results the first time every time.

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Lead the Business


This course turns executives into Elite Business-Leaders, leading an organization of world-class Teams. Get a proven concept of Winning the Battle of Corporate Outperformance becoming an outlier.

Back Monday morning at work, you install a winning mindset: every five years; double revenue, EBIT, and share price. Strive towards an extreme market-to-book-ratio expanding knowledge and mindset intensive intangibles.

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Measure the leadership capacity of Your organization.

Figure out, who are the people, who deliver achievements over the 80% fractile?  Furthermore, identify who are the indisputable High-Potential-Leaders of the future? People, who are the best member of an innovative team, that works for top-notch results without a limit.

Existential  Relevant

The Wisdom of Leadership

The essential outcome of our programs is that we train existential relevant business behavior; practicing liberty placing yourself where your strengths can make the greatest contribution to your company. Add to this an increased energy level, consciousness and how to create outstanding results in coherence with teams.

The learnings will impact your entire life. It will transcend everything and guide you in whatever you do in life or strive to achieve. Furthermore, when you have achieved what you want, then how to grow additional life experiences. This is practicing elite leadership beyond survival, the Wisdom of Leadership.

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The Wisdom of Leadership

For Your Business

THE ELITE PRACTICE OF LEADERSHIP SINCE 1986. Everlasting learning experiences. More than 20,000 delegates tell our story. Ask among your friends – some might have attended in the past.

MISSION. Boost the elite quality of “Wisdom in Leadership,” and create an organization of unlimited strengths.

VISION. Let our parents be joyful and proud, telling their friends where we work and what we do.

Shared Values of Leadership: Measure productivity and innovation.

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