Wisdom in Leadership

Growth is leading a company beyond survival.

Growth derives from exploration and exploitation thus; innovation and efficiency, productivity and humanization.

Wisdom in Self-Leadership

The Will to Lead

Leaders who respond to success with prudence and modesty, tenacity, and kindness are hard to find.

Willingness creates the difference and makes you different.

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Wisdom in Team-Leadership

Leadership Communication

Energize with high-voltage leadership, and the team-spirit becomes ecstatic.

Willingness turn your team into world-class.

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Wisdom in Business Leadership

Lead The Business

Be the Top-Team that qualify the company for the game of Corporate Outperformance.

Willingness turns your company into an outlier.

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Wisdom in Innovation

We create value

We know your industry so well, that our service will fit your challenge.

Your business does not need to grow bigger, but better. That adds economic value.

A leader is a creator integrity, inclusiveness, and intactness. This is what we train.

A Team-Leader is the creator of team results. This is what we train.

A Business-Leader is the creator of economic value for everyone. This is what we train.

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Wisdom in Leadership

 From experienced Insight

SINCE 1986: KFA has trained 20,000 managers the wisdom in leadership.


Clients tell our story; Mr. Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, Mr. Frank Gad, Mr. Anders Holch Povlsen, Mr. Flemming R. Jacobs, Mr. Jesper Lok, Mr. Thomas Thune Andersen, Mr. Morten Mortensen, Mr. Haldor Topsoe, Mr. Erik Sprunk-Jansen, Mr. Ken Bloch Sorensen, Mr. Michael Hassing, Mr. P.B. Subbiah among many others. Add to them 20,000 participants – globally.

MISSION. Make wisdom in leadership to Your companion.

VISION. Upgrade Your abilities to operate limitless and effortless.

ENGAGEMENT INDEX: Measure the capacity of leadership across the organization.

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ENGAGEMENT INDEX: Measure the leadership capacity of an organization.

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