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Sign-Up. 2018

The Will to Lead. Molskroen på Dansk. August 27-31

The Will to Lead. Dubai. October 21-25

Sign-Up. 2019

The Will to Lead. Denmark, Copenhagen. March 18-22

Leadership Communication. Hong Kong. April 8-12

The Will to Lead. Dubai. September 1-5

The Will to Lead. Hong Kong. September 9-13

Wisdom of Self-Leadership

The Will to Lead

Leaders who respond to success with prudence and modesty, tenacity, and kindness are hard to find.

Willingness creates the difference and makes you different.

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Wisdom of Team-Leadership

Leadership Communication

Energize with high-voltage leadership, and the team-spirit becomes ecstatic.

Willingness turn your team into world-class.

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Wisdom of Business Leadership

Lead The Business

Be the Top-Team that qualify the company for the game of Corporate Outperformance.

Willingness turns your company into an outlier.

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Leading Beyond Survival

What got you here won’t get you there!

For Survival

The insight of an MBA made your company Survive for good, and that got you here!

If you want unlimited effortless growth into perpetuity, you need a very different insight and lead people Beyond Survival.

For Beyond Survival

A Business-Leader is the creator of growth in economic value, in jobs, in wealth and welfare and sustainability, for everyone and everything everywhere. It is the results of practicing leadership Beyond Survival.

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Wisdom of Leadership

Existential and Relevant


KFA DELIVER EXISTENTIAL RELEVANCE TO LIFEMore than 20,000 clients tell our story.

MISSION.  Boost wisdom into the quality of leadership.

VISION. Create and lead intelligent teams who deliver limitless outcomes effortlessly.

ENGAGEMENT INDEX: Measure the capacity of leadership across the organization.

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ENGAGEMENT INDEX: Measure the leadership capacity of an organization.

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